Press Pass

The Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Platform considers the Press Accreditation to be a working tool to be used by media professionals only.
This chapter describes the definition of a media professional.

Granting Applications
The Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Platform only provide accreditation to representatives of media (e.g newsletters, e-zines, magazines, trade magazines, radio, TV etc) which are available to the public and/or the target audience of the event.

Denying Applications
Publishers, marketing personnel, sub-editors, staff of the publications, advertising agency representatives, public relations agencies, students, internal magazines of companies can not be accredited as press.
However, where the quality and circulation criteria justify their consideration, such publications may be eligible for accreditation on a case by case basis.

A limited number of accreditations is available

Unless differently stated, accredited press have:
access to the conference sessions in the main rooms and exhibition area

Press accreditation does not provide access to the Closed Door Sessions, Backstage Area, or the Technical Areas, and is not valid as dinner and networking ticket.

For accreditation send your request using the form on the right:
state your name,
who/which media you represent,
a reference article or equivalent,

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