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eadaAbout EADA Pricing Center:
Created in 2011, EADA’s Pricing Center is the first european Research Center in Pricing. Our objective is to promote excellence in Pricing education and research. In a broader perspective, the objectives of the Center are to:


1) Develop a skilled Pricing community providing a platform of interaction between executives, educators and researchers;

2) Improve companies’ performance through the access to cutting edge concepts, processes and tools, and high quality training;

3) Actively promote the career success of the many participants and executives trained at EADA in this high demand field.

The main activities of the Center can be defined as follow:

1. Intellectual Capital:
We foster Intellectual Capital in order to provide to our partners (organizations or individuals) cutting edge concepts, processes and tools. Our researchers publish in leading academic journals and conferences high impact papers and survey results.

2. Learning Experiences:
One of our key principles is that knowledge has to be shared as a way to develop great learning experiences. Pricing & Value Management principles are taught widely across EADA’s programs (Masters, MBAs, In Company & Executive Education) and our participants are exposed to leading industry practitioners and scholars.

3. External Engagements:
Last, our faculty is spreading this knowledge through external speaking engagements, customized training, coaching and consulting.

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2017 – Pricing Conference in 2016