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SAPSAP offers a differentiated solution that enhance customer satisfaction, increase service revenue, and improve efficiency of customer service operations. Unlike other customer service solutions that only provide a siloed view of the customer and require significant integration for executing the complete customer data and service process, the SAP solution is designed out-of-the-box to provide your customer service and field service agents all the right knowledge, resources, tools and insight to surpass customer expectations every time through appropriate channels of interaction.  With the SAP solution and insights (gained from it), you can deliver the right service level to the right customer, thereby maximising your return on investment. A delighted customer is also an attractive customer for selling additional products and services.  The SAP solution makes it very easy for companies to bundle together relevant products, services and prices and make smart recommendations in real-time to increase service revenues and profitability.

Found out how SAP is helping companies achieve a customer experience advantage through Service Excellence at:

Website: www.sap.com

VendavoVendavo’s front-line profit optimization solutions help customers drive sales profitability by empowering salespeople to negotiate confidently at the “Moment of Truth,” delivering 10-30% incremental profit, while increasing front line effectiveness, agility and responsiveness.
Vendavo is the enterprise profitability solution of choice for more than 300 company divisions at some of the world’s biggest names in Chemicals and Process Industries, Consumer Packaged Goods, Wholesale Distribution, Energy and Utilities, Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, and Medical Devices and Consumables.

Vendavo is the enterprise price management and optimization solution of choice for some of the world’s biggest companies in chemicals, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, mill products and distribution. SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software, with more than 33,200 customers in more than 120 countries, sources its price and margin management solution from Vendavo. It is sold by SAP worldwide under the name SAP Price and Margin Management.

Website: www.vendavo.com


PROSPROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a big data software company that helps customers outperform in their markets by using big data to sell more effectively. We apply 27 years of data science experience to unlock buying patterns and preferences within transaction data to reveal which opportunities are most likely to close, which offers are most likely to sell and which prices are most likely to win. PROS offers big data solutions to optimize sales, pricing, quoting, rebates and revenue management across more than 30 industries. PROS has completed over 600 implementations of its solutions in more than 50 countries. The PROS team comprises more than 700 professionals around the world. To learn more, visit www.pros.com

Website: www.pros.com

PriValEdgePriValEdge is a leading international business consultancy focused on helping its clients define and implement innovative Customer Value & Pricing strategies which secure improved competitiveness and significant bottom line impact. We accomplish this through a collaborative and flexible approach which first recognizes and understands the unique situations and issues faced by each of our clients and then applies industry leading frameworks, sets of tools and expertise to analyze the issues, quantify the alternatives and support implementation of the chosen options.

Our approach is born from experience of a broad range of projects conducted for leading companies around the world. We bring state of the art approaches to Value Driver quantification & Price response modeling, but also project & change management expertise to support Pricing & Value Capabilities building for our clients and we are proud of our record of helping our clients improve their profitability and competitiveness.

Website: www.privaledge.net

NavettiOne of the most important factors to achieve a maximized profitable business is to combine a well proven methodology supported by a software tool covering all aspects of the pricing process. It is crucial that the pricing solution is tightly integrated with other core IT-systems like ERP, Data warehouse, PDM and other systems. With the support from our consultants’ expertise and experience, and in close cooperation with our customers’ business and IT groups, Navetti has a proven methodology for a fast and cost-effective pricing implementation. Navetti is present in Sweden, USA, Germany, Belgium and Finland.
Navetti works in three main areas:

  • Market Management: Secure optimal profitability on a global level with local list prices
  • Price Management: Value and market based pricing
  • Navetti PricePoint™: The software solution that delivers a sustainable pricing process

Website: www.navetti.com

ZilliantZilliant provides B2B companies with data-driven guidance, enabling smarter pricing and sales decisions to help businesses make their numbers. The Zilliant optimization platform uses advanced science in its price optimization, cross-sell and retention applications to enable companies to overcome the massive complexity in their businesses. Our flexible SaaS model allows customers to quickly and confidently improve their financial performance by integrating into existing systems and processes. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies price more profitably and sell more effectively at www.zilliant.com


Website: www.zilliant.com

pVelocityUsing advanced business simulation, pVelocity enables detailed modeling of your company’s current & future cost structure, all the way down to the bill of materials, for every product, every customer, and every asset used to produce those products. These simulations satisfy the different analytical needs of each operational role, forming the basis for fast, smart, predictive decisions. With this deep insight, operational decision-makers can take action to improve current and future contribution margins, capitalize on market opportunities, and maximize profit.


Website: www.pvelocity.com


Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants is a specialized consulting company, with a strong focus on price management. Our management team consists of experienced pricing consultants that have a long history of successful pricing projects. We work for large, international clients as well as for hidden champions. Our goal is to provide our clients with state-of-the art pricing solutions. We prefer a hands-on approach, that really delivers tangible results at the end of each project. A long list of satisfied customers from different industries proves that our approach makes a difference. Feel free to contact us, if you want to discuss your oncoming pricing challenges.

Website: www.roll-pastuch.de

cincomCincom has helped thousands of clients worldwide by solving complex business problems with its software and services. Cincom Acquire is a multi-channel, multi-currency selling solution that automates the pricing and quoting of complex products and services. It helps companies streamline sales processes by delivering critical pricing, product and sales knowledge to the point of sale, while significantly reducing quote generation time from days to minutes and closing deals up to 80 percent faster.

The Advanced Pricing Engine of Cincom Acquire rapidly deploys any pricing, discounting and approval rules and can be integrated with other applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

Website: www.acquire.cincom.com

pricingsolutionseuropeagPricing Solutions is an international Pricing Strategy consultancy and solutions provider dedicated to helping clients achieve World Class Pricing Competency. Since 1995, Pricing Solutions has built its pricing practice through long-term relationships with clients and has grown to become one of the world’s leading pricing consulting and solutions firms, with offices across North America and Europe. Our pricing expertise is based on hundreds of engagements with the world’s leading companies in both B2C and B2B markets, in a variety of industries. As Pricing Strategy specialists, Pricing Solutions has developed a wide range of proprietary Methodologies, Tools, Processes and Research techniques to support and transfer capabilities to our clients on their pricing challenges, enabling them to make more profitable pricing decisions.  Our firm provides excellent value for our clients through direct involvement of our principals in projects; payback is typically 10:1.

Website: www.pricingsolutions.com





Website: www.deloitte.com