Mike Lawson, Director of Pricing, Depuy Synthes Trauma (a Johnson and Johnson Company)

Mike Lawson is currently the Director of Pricing Strategy at Depuy Synthes Trauma and is widely known in the pricing space. Before joining Trauma, Mike was the Director of Pricing Strategy for DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. Prior to DePuy Synthes, he was the Director of Strategic Pricing at Valmont Industries, Inc., where he established the corporate pricing function. Before joining Valmont, he worked at Vendavo, Holden Advisors and the Strategic Pricing Group, giving him a broad understanding of pricing issues that any B2B company may face. Mike has co-authored several white papers on pricing and is recognized for providing early model insights to “Pricing With Confidence” by Holden and Burton while he was at Holden Advisors. Mike also speaks frequently at industry events and is always well received by the audience. Mike and his wife, Nicole, currently live in Fort Wayne, IN with their two children. Mike is a University of Maryland Graduate and has his MBA from Boston College.