Change Agent in Pricing™ – CAP™ Certification

Day 1 – May 18th – 9:30 – 17:50

The CAP™ certification is a one-day formal certification program on the change management and the change leadership processes related to value and pricing projects. During this program, participants will learn:

  • To recognize the need for change leadership in pricing projects
  • To design a powerful change management toolbox for their pricing projects
  • To select the right metrics and KPI’s to measure the change process
  • To build strong coalitions to maximize change success
  • To develop a pricing and value vision that will energize sales teams
  • To use positive and compelling language that energizes teams to get on board
  • To act as change agents in pricing in their organization

The training will combine the latest theoretical science on change management and change leadership.

Research shows that 70% of change project fail. Pricing projects and pricing transformations need a strong change management approach including a vision, a success team coalition, a compelling need for change, and a change management toolbox. The CAP™ certification program reviews the entire change management process and focuses on 10 critical dimensions of change in pricing and value management. Here is why mastering change management is critical:

  • Do you see your pricing projects stall or get derailed?
  • Are your pricing projects stuck in a zone of “good intentions”?
  • Are you able to modify behaviors in critical price users?
  • Are you getting the support from top leadership to support change?
  • Are you pricing and value tools getting adopted and internalized?
  • Are you facing a lot of internal resistance with pricing initiatives?
  • Is the pricing team called the “sales prevention” team in your organization?

The CAP™ is a formal certification program for:

  • Marketing Managers, Industry Managers, Market Segment Managers
  • Product Managers, Category Managers, Portfolio Managers
  • Pricing Analysts, Pricing Managers, Revenue Managers, and Value Managers
  • Project Managers, Change Managers, and Process Managers
  • Account Manager, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers

The one-day certification program includes in-class training as well as individual change management exercises. To obtain the CAP® certification, participants have to successfully complete all exercises conducted during the session (2 small exercises and a change case study). Finally, participants have to take a multi-choice test at the end of the session and obtain a minimum 75% score to pass and achieve CAP™ certification.

Participants’ Benefits

  • A unique and formal individual certification
  • Membership in the exclusive CAP™ LinkedIn Group
  • Regular update on the science of change management

CAP™ certification sessions are available for corporations that are interested in certifying marketers, pricers and project owners in the science of change management and leadership.

CAP™ certification is taught and delivered by Stephan Liozu, Ph.D. Stephan is a Prosci® Certified Change Manager. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University. His dissertation, called “The Pricing Journey”, demonstrates the need for transformational change to reach pricing excellence.


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Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D., Pricing Thought Leader and Agent of Disruption
Stephan M. Liozu is a creator, a disruptor, a designer and an achiever. With 20 years experience in business, he has recently focused on design and creativity and considers business an art. Stephan has worked for both Fortune 500 companies and family-owned businesses. He specializes in crafting and designing unique innovation and business strategies leading to differentiated business models. Stephan moderates brainstorming, mind mapping and creativity sessions with executives, partners and customers to generate ideas, value models, value propositions and innovation strategies. Stephan holds an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland States University (1991), a European Master degree from Toulouse IAE School of Management in France with a major in Innovation Management (2005) and attended The General Management Program (TGMP) at Harvard Business School (2005). He earned a Ph.D. in Management from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (exp. 2013) and his thesis is titled “the Organizational Journey Towards Pricing and Value Excellence”. Stephan is a frequent guest lecturer at Toulouse School of Management, EM Lyon, University of Rochester, Wayne State University, Carlow University, University of Lugano where he teaches innovation, pricing and value management, leadership approac hes and global business strategies.

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