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A huge thanks to everyone who attended the 6th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence in Milan for another successful event!  It was great to see so many pricing leaders from all corners of Europe to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities they face both on the short and long term.

There were many interesting conversations, from how to develop a multichannel communication on pricing both towards a company’s salesforce and customer (as a key to success), to the importance and how to get buy-in from the executives towards creating a pricing culture within an organization.  As said several times during the two days of the event, culture still eats strategy for breakfast.

There were great insights as well from practitioners, academia and tech providers on data analytics and the growing importance of AI and machine learning.  As one participant put it, “algorithms, AI, and machine learning will change the pricing world.”

A full post event report will be available soon, but in the meantime, you can read my thoughts from moderating a roundtable discussion at the event on “eCommerce & Pricing”