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Exclusive Podcast Interview with Stephan M. Liozu

Welcome to our Manufacturing Pricing Exellence Conference

The 2nd Manufacturing Pricing conference took place on May 21st - 23rd at the Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport in Amsterdam. Over 120 pricing experts from across Europe and beyond came to discuss, share, learn and network around several themes such as value based pricing and TCO, pricing strategies in a highly competitive market, change management in pricing, ROI in pricing, pricing initiatives, pricing execution improvement, analytics-enabled pricing optimization and much more.

“Segmentation, Pricing KPI´s and Innovation in Pricing”

Looking at the evaluation forms and key takeaways of participants, it is clear that Value Based pricing on everyone’s mind. Even though many cases are proven to be successful, organisations still struggle to find the right way to get paid for the Value created. There are several challenges like differentiation, segmentation, process complexity, organizational alignment, sustainability and time, that still hinder organizations from achieving full ROIP. During the conference, it was constantly stated that pricing is not a project but rather a journey. A journey that requires time and organisational acceptance (change management). During his presentation Miguel Serrano Kieckebusch, Global Pricing Strategy Director at Medtronic pointed out that only 9% of the organisation that undertake the pricing journey manage to have a sustainable pricing strategy.

Another Key topic that came up several times at the conference was how we can measure KPI´s and which KPI´s should be measured. No matter if we are just starting our pricing journey or we are in need for additional management support for our pricing activities, we need to be better in measuring how we are impacting the business or how can we improve? Additionally many organisations are now interested in learning more about legal aspects of competitor/market systems for price enforcement of sales force.

Overall, the event showed that most manufacturers are facing the same challenges. This type of event is the perfect platform for them to learn from each other, brainstorm on, and get inspired into new and innovative pricing concepts.

Warm welcome to Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Conference 2015

Goran Cvetanovski, Editorial Director, Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Platform 2015

Change Agent in Pricing™ – CAP™ Certification – Limited to 30 places

What: The CAP™ certification is a one-day formal certification program on the change management and the change leadership processes related to value and pricing projects.

Why: Research shows that 70% of change project fail. Pricing projects and pricing transformations need a strong change management approach including a vision, a success team coalition, a compelling need for change, and a change management toolbox. The CAP™ certification program reviews the entire change management process and focuses on 10 critical dimensions of change in pricing and value management.

Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D., Pricing Thought Leader and Agent of Disruption


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013: October 23rd - 25th 2013 from Bojesen at Axelborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

No matter how much you analyse pricing, no matter what systems and software you use, someone has to talk to the customer….

I remember speaking at a sales conference for a major industrial company a number of years ago – in Copenhagen coincidentally. I arrived the evening before and had dinner with the client. Almost everyone I spoke to told me that they delivered “great value” to their customers. In fact, I was told this so often that I decided further investigation was required. The following morning, at the start of my session, I asked the various groups to define value. There were probably around 10 tables of 12 people. The result was 10 different definitions, one of which is now the definition of value that we use (you’ll need to be at the conference to find out what it is!) It became apparent that not only couldn’t they define value, but that they had no real idea of the constituent elements of value – what we call The Value Triad©.


Frontloading your pricing analyses gives you the power to optimize pricing!

Whatever we might say it’s not really in the human nature to change once we have found a structure and a balance that fits. We tend to defend the present state and also oversee the shortcomings of what we currently have. Therefore, change management is never easy and whenever pricing is involved it’s even more complicated!

During all my 20 something years as a professional, I’ve worked with some form of change management. I started out back in 1992 for a big industrial group called Trelleborg Industries to implement a new time- and production reporting system. At that time, before the PC- and Mac ages, it was quite a big hurdle for the production people to embrace the advantages of a systematic reporting of their production results. Another difficult change was when I implemented a new ERP-system in the Ericsson Mobile phones business. We were a global team sitting in London and worked together with a well known management consultant firm. We faced a lot of state of the art systems that Ericsson had enhanced during many years to perfectly fit their purposes. Now we introduced one global ERP-system, not tailor-made for different needs and with a very structured setup and data to be managed. Not so easy to sell!


The Moment in Time – Pricing Maturity Level

As a part of my research for the upcoming conference , I wanted to understand more about the current Pricing Maturity Level in the Industry. Speaking with several experts in this area, I was recommended to start with an article written in 2005 by Paul S. Hunt called “Seizing the Fourth P”. This article describes the five levels of pricing process performance that managers can use to help establish a vision and a timeline for improvement (world class pricing-process maturity). As said in the article, improving processed is a multi-tasked initiative that requires merging several processes and creating tools that will improve decision making. The key elements of a good process include: Standardization, Performance Measurement, Pricing process tools and Appropriate rewards.

What was also interesting in this article is that at that time most of the organizations were on level two and three on the world class pricing-process maturity scale. So where are we now? A very recent paper by Pol Vanaerde, “Crossing the Pricing Chasm “ also focuses on Pricing Maturity. In this paper, it is mentioned that under optimal conditions it should take up to 3 to 4 years to bring an organization from level one to level three and after year four the organization should be looking at full profit optimization.

If we take in consideration that the first article was published almost 8 years ago and the given timeframe for organizational pricing maturity development in optimal conditions in the second paper, it is obvious that we should be right now on level four or five. Great!? Unfortunately, by some recent observations, 40% of the manufacturing organizations find themselves in level two (Transactional) and that less than 20% of the organizations have established sustainable Value-based pricing. So why we haven't moved so far since 2005? I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Goran Cvetanovski, Editorial Director- Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2015

goran.cvetanovski (at) copperberg.com

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2015 - Pricing Conference

Figure 1. & Figure 2.

Pricing Maturity Level model 1

Figure 1.

Pricing Maturity Level Model 2

Figure 2.

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2015 - Pricing Conference

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013: October 23rd - 25th 2013 from Bojesen at Axelborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.